Eat it Petey! Broccoli

Petey always thought healthy foods were scary! But today he had to eat the scariest of them all…broccoli.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Petey cried, ‘I can’t eat broccoli! It tastes like…yuk!

‘I know it’ll make me sick!’

‘It might try to eat me!’

‘And I’ll probably turn into broccoli!!!’

Now the only thing Petey liked worse than eating broccoli…was giving up. He knew there was only one way to defeat this scary green monster. So he closed his eyes and began to imagine…

Once upon a time a Wizard and his son were out collecting mushrooms in the magical forest, to make a new spell. But the wizard boy would always go wandering, hoping to see something fun and exciting. However, what he saw this time wasn’t fun at all.

He found himself lost in the dark part of the magical forest; which was dangerous because the trees here would grow so quickly, that if anybody stepped near them, they would be trapped forever. The young wizard was scared.

Father wizard, once he realised his son was gone, followed quickly behind, but it was no use. He knew the magic of the trees was too strong for his magic alone, but he also knew who could help.

Father wizard used his magic to send a message to the nearby valley, to find Petey-o-saurus; a friendly dinosaur. As soon as he heard the troubled call, he rushed to the forest to help his Wizard friend.

Moments later, father Wizard was showing Petey-o-saurus the magical trees growing so tightly together. There was no way out for the young wizard, who was trapped inside.

But Petey-o-saurus had a plan. Being a big strong dinosaur, he had a big strong appetite! So he walked up to the first tree and took a huge bite!

After chewing it well, he took another bite, but the dark magical tree grew back! ‘Oh no!’ cried the Wizard, ‘it’s not working!’ But Petey-o-saurus had another plan. ‘Let’s do it together Wizard!’

So as Petey-o-saurus chomped away at the trees, Wizard used many spells to slow the growing down, and began to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Finally they made a big enough hole for the young wizard to squeeze his way out. ‘Well done Petey-o-saurus’, the Wizard cheered, ‘well done! The boy hugged Petey-o-saurus and promised he would never go wandering again.

Petey-o-saurus smiled, for he knew the wizard boy would always look for a new adventure, but he didn’t mind because it would mean another excuse to use his big strong appetite. As the Wizard and his son headed for home, they started the chant again, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Petey suddenly snapped out of his imagination adventure and looked at his plate of scary broccoli……it was empty! He smiled proudly. ‘You know what?’ he thought to himself…

‘…that broccoli didn’t make me sick…’

‘…it didn’t eat me…’

‘…and it certainly didn’t turn me into broccoli! But it did do one thing…’

‘…it made me strong!’