Eat it Petey! Carrots

Petey always thought healthy foods were scary! But today he had to eat the scariest of them all…carrots.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Petey cried, ‘I can’t eat carrots! They taste like…yuk!

‘I know they’ll make me sick!’

‘They might try to eat me!’

‘And I’ll probably turn into a carrot!!!’

Now the only thing Petey liked worse than eating carrots…was giving up. He knew there was only one way to defeat these scary orange monsters. So he closed his eyes and began to imagine…

Once upon a time there was a group of Space Creatures who lived on this special planet called Planet Petey! Who was special because he was the only planet who could smile, wink, and even sing! The Space Creatures loved Planet Petey, but one day a terrible thing happened.

Hovering above were a troop of dangerous Space Rabbits, trying to take over all the planets in the galaxy, and Planet Petey was the last one

As the lead Space Rabbit aimed a missile towards them, the Space Creatures trembled in fear. ‘Help!!!’ they cried, ‘how can we stop these terrible missiles?!’

‘Ha, ha, ha!’ replied Planet Petey, ‘leave it to me my dear friends.’

As the missile soared dangerously close to them, and the little Space Creatures huddled together, something incredible happened.

Planet Petey opened up wide, and swallowed it with a gulp! The Space Creatures were all amazed. But the Space Rabbits had another trick up their furry little sleeves.

They began to surround Planet Petey, with a whole bunch of missiles ready to fire. ‘Nooooooo!!!’ cried the little Space Creatures, ‘now we’re surely doomed!’ But Planet Petey had his own secret weapon. ‘Hold on Everyone!’ he warned, as he began to turn.

Planet Petey spun around so quick as the Space Creatures began to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’, that he gobbled up every orange missile that came towards them.

Finally the Chief Space Rabbit had enough, and ordered his troop to fire their secret weapon of super explosive grenades!

But that just made it even more fun for Planet Petey!

The Space Rabbits finally gave up and floated away in defeat as the Space Creatures celebrated. ‘Hooray for Planet Petey!’ and they started their chant again, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Petey suddenly snapped out of his imagination adventure and looked at his plate of scary carrots……it was empty! He smiled proudly. ‘You know what?’ he thought to himself…

‘…those carrots didn’t make me sick…’

‘…they didn’t eat me…’

‘…and they certainly didn’t turn me into a carrot! But they did do one thing…’

‘…they made me strong!’