Eat it Petey! Mashed Potato

Petey always thought healthy foods were scary! But today he had to eat the scariest of them all…mashed potato.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Petey cried, ‘I can’t eat mashed potato! It tastes like…yuk!

‘I know it’ll make me sick!’

‘It might try to eat me!’

‘And I’ll probably turn into mashed potato!!!’

Now the only thing Petey liked worse than eating mashed potato…was giving up. He knew there was only one way to defeat this scary lumpy monster. So he closed his eyes and began to imagine…

Once upon a time there was a cheeky monkey that lived in the jungle. What made this monkey so cheeky, is that when he swung past on a vine, he would always try to grab someone else’s food!

If it was zebra he’d grab the yellow flowers.

If it was parrot, he’d grab the red berries, and so on, until one day the cheeky monkey met something that was a lot cheekier than he.

After grabbing a palm leaf from giraffe, he slipped off the vine and landed straight into the lumpy quick sand. ‘Oh no!’ shouted cheeky monkey.

Walking nearby, busily munching on some delicious green leaves was Elephant Petey. He heard the cheeky monkey calling. ‘Help! Anybody! Help!’, so he went to investigate.

Moments later, Elephant Petey arrived at the edge of the quicksand. The cheeky monkey was sinking fast, ‘Hurry Elephant Petey, hurry!’ cheeky monkey cried.

Now what the cheeky monkey and the cheekier quicksand didn’t know, was that Elephant Petey had the cheekiest appetite; and he knew there was only one way to save his friend, so…SPLOSH!

Elephant Petey jumped right in! Much to cheeky monkey’s surprise, who was sinking fast, Elephant Petey opened his mouth and started scooping up the quicksand. Cheeky monkey began to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

He gobbled up another mouthful…and another…and another…and after using his trunk to make crazy patterns, he kept on eating until it was all gone!

‘That was fantastic!’ cheeky monkey shouted, ‘thank you Elephant Petey! Perhaps I’ll be a bit more careful next time.’

Elephant Petey smiled. He knew the cheeky monkey would still get into trouble but he didn’t mind, because it simply meant another delicious meal.

Soon, all the jungle friends started to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Petey suddenly snapped out of his imagination adventure and looked at his plate of scary mashed potato……it was empty! He smiled proudly. ‘You know what?’ he thought to himself…

‘…that mashed potato didn’t make me sick…’

‘…it didn’t eat me…’

‘…and it certainly didn’t turn me into mashed potato! But it did do one thing…’

‘…it made me strong!’