Eat it Petey! Peas

Petey always thought healthy foods were scary! But today he had to eat the scariest of them all…peas.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Petey cried, ‘I can’t eat peas! They taste like…yuk!

‘I know they’ll make me sick!’

‘They might try to eat me!’

‘And I’ll probably turn into a pea!!!’

Now the only thing Petey liked worse than eating peas…was giving up. He knew there was only one way to defeat this scary green monster. So he closed his eyes and began to imagine…

Once upon a time there was an underwater village of the most colourful sea creatures you could imagine. They lived by a beautiful reef and loved visits from their favourite whale, Petey! But on this one day, Whale Petey only visited to some bad news.

‘Whale Petey!’ a Sea Star called out to him, ‘I’ve spotted a ship of Pirates! And they’re headed our way!’ Petey the Whale had heard of these pirates, who had treasure chests full of cursed green pearls; that when dropped into the ocean they would take away the colour of everything they touched.

‘Please help us Whale Petey!’ a school of young fish cried out. ‘Certainly!’ replied Whale Petey, ‘Follow me!’ And he helped everyone find a hiding place inside the reef so their colour would be safe. Then he waited quietly.

Moments later, a tall ship with a black flag, sailed above. The Pirates had arrived and were preparing to launch.

As the sea creatures trembled in their caves, the first chest of pearls plunged into the water. Then another and another…

All at the same time, the lids flew open and out they came…the cursed green pearls, floating dangerously close to the colourful reef. Then Whale Petey sprang into action.

Knowing that cursed green pearls can’t hurt whales; Petey opened up his huge mouth and scooped up the first chest full; as the sea creatures began to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

He spun around, swam in circles, and even upside down until he gobbled them up; except for a few which he saved for a special trick.

Using his strong tail, Whale Petey flung the remaining pearls towards the pirate ship, and you can imagine what happened next.

As the colourless Pirates sailed away, the Sea Creatures came bursting out from their hiding places and surrounded Petey the Whale with celebrations. ‘Hooray for Whale Petey!’ and they started their chant again, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Petey suddenly snapped out of his imagination adventure and looked at his plate of scary peas……it was empty! He smiled proudly. ‘You know what?’ he thought to himself…

‘…those peas didn’t make me sick…’

‘…they didn’t eat me…’

‘…and they certainly didn’t turn me into a pea! But they did do one thing…’

‘…they made me strong!’