Eat it Petey! Spaghetti

Petey always thought healthy foods were scary! But today he had to eat the scariest of them all…spaghetti.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Petey cried, ‘I can’t eat spaghetti! It tastes like…yuk!

‘I know it’ll make me sick!’

‘It might try to eat me!’

‘And I’ll probably turn into spaghetti!!!’

Now the only thing Petey liked worse than eating spaghetti…was giving up. He knew there was only one way to defeat this scary wormy-looking monster. So he closed his eyes and started to imagine…

Once upon a time there was a peaceful village of farmers who spent their time growing lots of wonderful foods. But one day, while one of the farmers was digging up the earth to plant a new crop of corn, a terrible thing happened.

A giant earth worm squeezed out of a hole in the dirt. Pop! The farmer was so scared, he quickly drove his tractor back home to alert his family. But along the way, more giant worms came up through the ground, in fact, all through the village!

Slippery, squirmy and slimy worms wriggled everywhere! ‘Oh no!’ cried the people, ‘we’re being attacked by these giant worms! Who can save us?’, and of course there was only one who could.

‘I’ll save you!’ came the booming voice from above. It was Giant Petey, the village’s friendly giant, who lived in the nearby mountains. Now Giant Petey had a giant appetite, and loved eating worms, especially giant sized worms!

‘Here you go Giant Petey!’ the farmer cried as he handed him the big pitch fork, and Giant Petey went to work!

He stood right in the middle of the village and scooped up a forkful of worms…and another and another.

All the people in the village hid in their houses as they watched Giant Petey slurp up the slippery creatures, and they began to chant, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!

He even played games with them before gobbling them down.

Mouthful after mouthful, and with the help of some nice fresh bread… Giant Petey ate all the giant earth worms and saved the village once again. Everyone came rushing from their houses in joy, ‘Hooray for Giant Petey!’ they cheered, as Giant Petey took a bow. Then they started their chant again, ‘Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey! Eat it Petey!’

Petey suddenly snapped out of his imagination adventure and looked at his bowl of scary spaghetti……it was empty! He smiled proudly. ‘You know what?’ he thought to himself…

‘…that spaghetti didn’t make me sick…’

‘…it didn’t eat me…’

‘…and it certainly didn’t turn me into spaghetti! But it did do one thing…’

‘…it made me strong!’