Blake was so happy he could put on his own clothes now.

He put on his favourite blue pants and most colourful jumper.

And his outside shoes to kick the ball with.

He looked in the mirror and realised something terrible was wrong.

His pants were higher than his ankles! His sleeves had moved away from his hands!

And his toes felt squished at the end of his shoes!

‘Oh no’. He thought to himself. ‘I’m turning into a Giant!’

‘Soon I’ll be bigger than my house!’

‘My kindy friends might think I’m a new playground to play on.’

‘Would I have to sleep in the mountains?’

‘How much would I eat?’

‘And where would I go to the toilet?!’

‘Blake?’ his mum called out, ‘are you ready yet?’

Blake was sad. How could he tell his mum the bad news – she would be so upset. And that’s when he began to leak some giant tears.

‘I’m sorry mummy,’ he cried, ‘I have to leave home because I’m turning into a Giant!’ His mother looked scared. ‘Oh no’ she replied.

Blake stood up, showed his mum how his clothes were far too small and waited for her to start crying too. But instead, she just smiled.

‘Oh honey,’ she said, ‘that’s supposed to happen.’

Blake couldn’t believe his ears. ‘Really?!’

‘It means you’re growing bigger,’ she said, ‘but not too big that you won’t fit into your bedroom.’

Blake still wasn’t sure if his mum was right until she showed him photos of when he was younger. ‘I was so small!’

‘That’s right, you’re growing all the time,’ she explained, ‘just like your sister and your friends.’

‘So I’m not a Giant?’ he asked.

‘Of course not,’ she replied and gave him a giant hug.

Blake was so happy that he was not growing into a giant. That he wouldn’t have to leave home to live in the mountains.

And for the rest of the day, he decided to wear the small person’s clothes, just so he felt like a Giant for a little bit longer.