Hobby and the new Spring Cake

Today was Hobby the Gnome’s Spring Party; the one he threw every year, where he would treat the guests with his famous Spring Cake.

But Hobby had a big dilemma. ‘I don’t believe it! I’ve ran out of eggs!’

But Hobby had a plan. ‘I know. I bet one of my good friends of the forest will have some.’ So off he went on a stroll to visit his friends.

First came Harry the Wombat. ‘Excuse me Harry, but do you have any eggs?’

Harry waddled around his burrow. ‘I’m sorry Hobby, I ran out yesterday, sat on all six and squashed them! So I’m really looking forward to your party later.’

Hobby looked worried. ‘Er, yes I’ll see you then.’ And kept walking until he found Hetti the Owl. ‘Excuse me Hetti, do you have any eggs I could have?’

Hetti was busy trying to sleep. ‘No, no, no Hobby, what would I do with eggs? They’re such messy things. Now let me sleep and I’ll see you at the party.’

So Hobby kept walking, getting more concerned. ‘Oh dear, if I don’t find any eggs soon there won’t be a party!’ And then he remembered who would surely have eggs…Helga the Hen. He ran up to her chook yard where Helga was taken some scones out of her oven.

‘Excuse me Helga, I was wanting to borrow just a few eggs.’

‘Oh I’m sorry Hobby, I just used the last one for these scones; won’t be laying anymore until tomorrow. Ooh I’m looking forward to the party, especially that Spring Cake of yours!’  But as Hobby sadly lumbered home, he began to moan. ‘This is a disaster! I must surely cancel the party. I can’t have a Spring Party without my traditional Spring Cake!

But it was too late. By the time he got home, the guests had arrived. They were all dressed up for the party, and each had brought a plate of treats to share; biscuits, scones, cupcakes, and chocolate. ‘I’m sorry everyone,’ Hobby announced, ‘There can’t be a party today, for I’m afraid I couldn’t make the traditional Spring Cake.’ The others gasped in surprise.

‘Oohh that is a shame,’  Harry the Wombat huffed.

‘My goodness, it won’t be the same,’ Hetti the Owl hooted.

‘Surely we can think of something.’ Helga the Hen chattered.

And they did. They all began to pile their biscuits, scones, cupcakes and chocolate onto a plate. Hetti quickly whipped up some icing to pour on top and everyone had made a huge cake together. Hobby was very happy at how the party turned out…especially the start of a new tradition.