Motivational Quotes

Success is measured by the path you carve, not the path you follow

 There’s only one thing tougher than pursuing your dreams…the regret that you didn’t

Life is made up of a collaboration of glorious moments. However if you wait for one, search for one, or try to remember one… you’ve just missed one

 Your faults are your assets awaiting direction

The only necessity of chaos is to establish the importance of order

Making an appearance in life is admirable, making a contribution is astounding

Don’t change who you are to suit a situation…change the situation to suit who you are

Success is only sustainable when defeat is seen as momentary

A great person will achieve to receive. A greater one will live to give

If you stop living life believing nothing will happen…everything is possible

Be sure to define your ‘self’, before others define it for you

Success enriches the soul, after defeat has defined it

(more to come)