Oddy at the Beach

Oddy the odd sock was fast asleep in his basket dreaming of fun adventures, when suddenly he woke up. ‘Today’s the day I hope to find my other sock!’

So off he went…out of the basket…out the laundry door, and found himself…

…at a lovely beach.

The sun was shining and the sand was warm. Oddy stood by the calm water’s edge and saw lots of Little Fish.

‘Hey Little Fish!’ Oddy called out, ‘I’m Oddy and I can’t find my other sock, have you seen it?’

‘Oh no, no, no,’ replied the Little Fish, ‘but we’ll keep looking!’

Oddy thanked the Little Fish and off they swam.

Suddenly, an Old Seagull landed right beside him and spoke, ‘Hello there young creature, can I help you?’

‘I’m Oddy, and I’m looking for my other sock, have you seen it?’ Oddy asked.

Old Seagull scratched his head with his wing. ‘Mmm, I see many interesting things here, but never a sock!’ Old seagull squawked, ‘but hop on, I’ll take you to Lady Crab, she might know where it is’.

Oddy hopped onto Old Seagull’s back and they flew high in the air, over the sand, and over the water to Lady Crab, who was building a sand castle at the front of her cave. They landed safely, and Oddy thanked Old Seagull who flew away.

Oddy soon found himself at the entrance of the cave. ‘Excuse me Lady Crab’ he asked politely, ‘I’m Oddy and I can’t find my other sock, have you seen it?’.

‘Why no Oddy,’ she replied while digging up some sand, ‘but it might be hiding in my cave, let’s have a look.’

They searched the cave and found many wonderful treasures of pebbles, seaweed, and some beautiful shells…but no sock. So Oddy helped Lady Crab to decorate her sandcastle with the treasures they found. They had lots of fun and it looked wonderful! Oddy thanked Lady Crab, and off he went.

Oddy began to yawn and thought to himself, ‘Well I didn’t find my other sock today, but I did have fun at the beach with my new friends…I’ll try again tomorrow.’

So home he went…in through the laundry door…into his basket…and off to sleep.

While Oddy dreams of his fun adventure, can you find Oddy’s other sock?

(a collage illustration of the day’s adventure in Oddy’s dream bubble, where the odd sock is hidden discreetly in selected scenes for the child to find)