Oddy in the Bush

Oddy the odd sock was fast asleep in his basket dreaming of fun adventures, when suddenly he woke up. ‘Today’s the day I hope to find my other sock!’

So off he went…out of the basket…out the laundry door, and found himself…

…in the country bush.

As Oddy looked around, a Mother Kangaroo hopped up to him. ‘Hello there, can I help you?’ she asked.

‘I’m Oddy, and I can’t find my other sock, have you seen it?

‘No I’m afraid not,’ Mother Kangaroo replied as she collected some bush flowers, ‘but I’ll help you look, hop in.’

So Oddy hopped into her pouch and they bounced around gum trees…hopped through tall dry grass…and leaped over a big bull ants nest, but they couldn’t find the other sock anywhere. Oddy thanked Mother Kangaroo and she hopped away.

Oddy then saw a Baby Koala about to climb a gum tree, and said to himself, ‘I’m sure he knows something’. ‘Excuse me Baby Koala,’ Oddy asked excitedly, ‘I’m Oddy, and I can’t find my other sock, have you seen it?

The Baby Koala slowly scratched his head. ‘I don’t think so, but let’s have a look in my tree.’

Oddy happily climbed on to Baby Koala’s back and held on tight as they went up, and up, and up in the tree. They found gum leaves…a bird’s nest with eggs…and Baby Koala’s collection of gum nuts, but no sock. So they climbed back down again. Oddy thanked Baby Koala, who climbed back up to the highest branch.

Suddenly, a lump of dirt fell on Oddy’s face. He turned around to see an Old Lady Wombat, digging a hole. She turned to Oddy.

‘I’m sorry young dear; let me clean that for you.’

As she cleaned the dirt off Oddy’s face, Oddy told her all about his long lost other sock. Old Lady Wombat gladly helped Oddy to look under a log…inside a rabbit burrow…and under a pile of bark and leaves, but no sock.

Oddy decided to stay a while and help Old Lady Wombat finish digging the hole. He dug all day long and had lots of fun getting dirty again. Oddy thanked Old Lady Wombat, who disappeared into her new home.

Oddy began to yawn and thought to himself, ‘Well I didn’t find my other sock today, but I did have fun in the bush with my new friends…I’ll try again tomorrow.’

So home he went…in through the laundry door…into his basket…and off to sleep.

While Oddy dreams of his fun adventure, can you find Oddy’s other sock?

(a collage illustration of the day’s adventure in Oddy’s dream bubble, where the odd sock is hidden discreetly in selected scenes for the child to find)