A collection of 10 minute plays

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A collection of short 10 minute plays featuring mostly comedy, the occasional drama, and even a bit of panto!

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Cyber Wars: Teenagers getting caught up online, mistaken identities and fake profiles create chaos that can only end badly.

Four Feet Under: A brother and sister are desperate to keep the family pet funeral business alive, and themselves.

Notifications Anonymous: Three people in a support group for their addiction – but is the counsellor helping?

One Last Time: A girl visits her drug addict brother in hospital.

Petty Crimes: Two burglars struggle with domestic disputes during a house invasion.

Sister Dirt: Two feuding sisters fight over their mother’s heirloom during the funeral, when a buried secret rises to the surface.

The Crib: Reno runs the local crib but gets his pull-ups ruffled when Timmy arrives.

The Huddle: A bunch of hopeless footballers drive their coach to breaking point.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe: The untold story about how she came to live in the shoe!

The Understudy: When Romeo is injured, two stage crew save the show, but the lure of the theatre is far too strong.

NB: Contains some plays that are shortened versions of full length plays on this site. 10 minutes is average length.

Age Range: 14+


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