Dead Fly Walking


Only the good die young!

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With an average lifespan of a housefly being 22 days, Billy the fly just turned 21, and fears he’s going to die without really tasting what life has to offer. And as the Fly Reaper looms; Billy refuses to go down without a fight. Billy has always played it safe and will never step out of his comfort zone – until now! With the end of his life looming, as predicted by a crazy fortune teller, Billy realises he has no choice but to face his greatest fear – death itself. But will it be too late? Will Billy truly be able to live life to his best potential?

STYLE: Absurd Comedy – think a cartoon style pantomime.

DURATION: 15 mins | AGE RANGE: 13+

CAST SIZE: 6 – 12 (written so roles can be doubled up – can add extra flies if needed)

PRODUCTION HISTORY: (Unproduced) Originally scripted as a short animation and converted into a short play.

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