How to Kill a Hiker Twice!


Revenge is just a cliff top away.

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Ten years after a high school camp tragedy, a group of dysfunctional individuals find themselves on a B-grade hiking adventure. With a ‘Weekend at Bernies’ type flair, the not so happy campers do whatever it takes to cover up the truth…regardless of the consequences.

[contains course language, drug and sexual references]

STYLE: A black comedy play.             DURATION: 45-50 mins

CAST SIZE: Has been staged with only 7 actors, where Ridge and Ariel are assumed (off stage) and corpse roles doubled up using Annabel and Erik. Hence the script has been written in that context so it’s possible to adjust dialogue if you have actual actors for those roles). Also if extra cast are used as Hiker Extras, Additional Dialogue is added (see scene 1, 9)

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Performed as part of Upraw Performing Arts Festival 2013, Willunga Waldorf Performing Arts Hall, South Australia.

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