Mystic Mountain


Lena breaks all the rules to find hope for her suffering tribe and unlocks some secrets along the way.

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Back in the days of ancient times, two tribes exists on opposite sides of a volcanic mountain. Unawares of the other’s existence, their destiny is controlled by a powerful Mystic – that is until 16 year old Lena decides to upset the apple cart.

In search for answers to her tribe’s food shortage, Lena dares to break the rules and venture onto Mystic Mountain. She finds herself in one challenging situation after the next; escaping cannibals, ambitious guards, and eventually being captured by the all powerful Mystic.

Lena’s big heart and relentless quick wit gets her through every situation; but it takes a lot more to find unity among the tribes, and shelter from the erupting volcano!

FORMAT: A comedy musical.  DURATION: 1 hr 40 minutes (2 Acts)

CAST SIZE: 12 main roles, minor roles + chorus.  AGE RANGE: 12+

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Staged at the Willunga Waldorf High School 2015, South Australia.

FEES: More details coming soon. Contact us to discuss options. Downloadable copy includes Book & Lyrics only.

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