Phyllis Green Leaf


A Greek comedy of love, betrayal and almonds!

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Based on Greek Mythology of how the Almond Blossom Tree originated, and how Almonds relate to love. Phyllis Green Leaf tells the story of Attican soldier Demaphon who after his success in the battle of Troy, falls in love with Thracian princess Phyllis, and they plan to marry. However his sick Grandmother Aethra, who he rescued from Helena, needs to be taken back home. Demophon takes a lot longer than expected and Phyllis travels to the harbor regularly for nine months waiting. Broken hearted, she takes her own life. But the Goddess Athena has pity on her, and turns her into an Almond Tree, but without blossom. Demaphon finally returns, and seeing the fate of his beloved, declares his commitment to stay by her side. This vow triggers the tree to blossom as a symbol of their love.

STYLE: Very tongue in cheek (Monty Python-esque!), classic melodrama with potential audience interaction. Music can be pre-recorded or played live. Sets and props work well as cheap cardboard. Ominous classical music like Grieg compliments the Greek comedy/tragedy.

DURATION: 1 hr 45 mins  (2 Acts) | AGE RANGE: 13+          

CAST SIZE: 6 – 15 has been written to enable doubling/tripling up on some roles  (can add extras as needed, e.g towns folk etc)

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Commissioned as a one act play for the 2005 Almond Blossom Festival in Willunga South Australia. 2006 the sequel was performed with the trilogy (hence allowing it to evolve to a full length play) being staged in 2008.

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