The Dragon’s Egg


Edwin’s wishes come true…but he soon regrets the chance!

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Edwin is the woodcutter’s son, who wishes his life was more interesting. Chopping wood all day for the kingdom is a chore and a bore. Until one day after rescuing an old traveller from a runaway cart, Edwin is rewarded with the directions on how to find the Dragon’s Egg; a legend that Kings, Queens and villagers only believed was a rumour. The Dragon’s Egg would supposedly grant three wishes for those who found it; but only if they can conquer witches, trolls, and of course the Dragon!

FORMAT: A comedy panto      DURATION: 50 mins (Can be 1 or 2 Acts)

CAST SIZE: 12-20  (can double up roles)    AGE RANGE: 8 – 15 yrs

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Staged at the Hopgood Theatre Noarlunga 2014 as part of National Youth Week.


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