The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe


The real story of how the old woman came to live in a shoe!

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Ever wondered what really happened to the Old Woman in the Shoe? We are often told the story through the nursery rhyme about how she had so many kids, questionable living conditions and who was basically a miserable old bat! But how did she get there? What happened to the father of the children? Whose shoe was it and how does the story find a happy ending? Well all will be revealed in this untold tale.

DURATION: 25 mins  (1 Act)            AGE RANGE: 8 – 15 yrs

CAST SIZE: 10-18  (can add or subtract children or combine characters)

PRODUCTION HISTORY: Performed originally for the Willunga Walking Festival 2007, followed by productions for the UpRaw Performing Arts Festival 2009 and Fleurieu Festival of One Act Plays 2013 where it won best ensemble and best script.

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