Short Films
lonely bites


Little Annie seeks refuge inside the dilapidated house of an old man to escape the wrath of some local bullies. An unexpected friendship emerges between them as they find a disturbing common ground.

Duration: 10 mins

Currently in final draft seeking production.



Carrie makes a reluctant appearance at a high school reunion – only to find a haunting past that she can no longer ignore.

Duration: 90 seconds (horror film trailer)

Released in 2007 at Adelaide Film Festival ‘Fake Film Event.’ Made with support from the Media Resource Centre’s MPG initiative.

beat it


A tap dancer attempts to restore her former glory with one last shot to prove she has what it takes – but does she really want it?

Duration: 9 mins

Released in 2008 at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide. Made with The Australian Film Commission and Media Resource Centre’s RAW NERVE initiative.



The battle between good and evil began thousands of years ago and the message remains – never touch another man’s stick!

Duration: 7 mins

Released in 2001 at The Cheese Factory Film Festival, Youtube and at the Cinemallunga Film Night, 2015.