Snooty the Puppy

Snooty was a little girl puppy. Whenever her mum and dad asked her to do something she would scrunch up her face, shake her head, put her paws on her hips and stomp her feet.

At breakfast time, she would say, ‘No no no, I just say no!’

At brushing time for her hair and teeth, she would say, ‘No no no, I just say no!’

At dressing time, she would say the same, ‘No no no, I just say no! The only time Snooty liked was walk time! She loved it very much. But after the daily walk and night time came, she would get huffy and snooty when it was bedtime. ‘No no no, I just say no!’ And Snooty would play around with her toys until she fell asleep on the floor; but of course her dad would carry her to her basket as soon as she did.

One night, Snooty’s mum and dad were tired of trying to get Snooty to do what they asked, so they decided to play a trick on her, to see what would happen.

The next morning when Snooty woke up in her basket (always wondering how she got there), her mum called out, ‘breakfast time!’ Snooty went into the kitchen, and before she could stomp her foot or say a word, she saw that her saucer was empty. Her mum smiled and said, ‘No no no, you can say no.’ Snooty was surprised, but left the table happy.

Then in the bathroom her daddy called, ‘brushing time!’ She went in and saw her dad brushing his teeth and hair, and she started, ‘No no no…’ but her dad quickly said, ‘No no no, you can say no.’ He finished his brushing and left the bathroom. Snooty was getting confused, but left again happy to go and play.

Then her mother called out, ‘dressing time!’ Snooty went into the bedroom, but couldn’t see her clothes. Her mum just dressed herself, ‘No no no, you can say no.’ She said and left the bedroom. Snooty started to get a little worried.

But when dad called out her favourite, ‘walk time!’ she bounded to the front door where her mum and dad were putting on their shoes and collars. ‘Yippee!’ she shouted, ‘walk time!’ but her mum and dad held up their paws. ‘No no no, we just say no.’ they said, and Snooty was stunned. ‘But I always go for a walk.’ She said sadly, and her dad replied, ‘I’m sorry sweetie, but you’re not ready to go anywhere.’ Snooty began to stomp her feet, ‘Yes I am!’ but then she realised; she had no clothes or shoes on, so she was getting cold, her hair and teeth weren’t brushed so they felt yucky, and her tummy was rumbling, so she was very hungry. Snooty suddenly realised how snooty and huffy she had been. ‘Wait!’ she cried, ‘can we try again?’ Her mum and dad looked at each other and smiled.

Snooty sat at the kitchen table in front of a saucer of milk. ‘Yes yes yes, I just say yes!’ she said and lapped up every last drop.

She went to the bathroom, ‘Yes yes yes, I just say yes!’ she said, and happily let her dad brush her hair and teeth and they felt much better.

In the bedroom, Snooty let her mum put on her clothes, ‘Yes yes yes, I just say yes!’ she said, and started to really like her new saying.

Then at the front door, her dad put on her shoes and her collar, ‘walk time?’ he asked with a smile. Snooty, now warm, feeling clean and definitely not hungry jumped up and down, ‘Yes yes yes, I just say yes!’ and they left for a lovely walk all morning.

Later that evening, you can guess what Snooty said when her mum and dad called out, ‘bedtime!’ ‘Yes yes yes, I just say yes!’ she said as she hopped into her warm basket, was tucked in tight, and went happily to sleep.