The Lonely Little Scary

            In the darkest night of all the nights

            High in the gloomy clouds above

            Lived a little scary who every night

            Searched in hope of a new friend’s love 

On this one particular night, a young boy child was being tucked into bed by his mum and dad. They kissed him goodnight…and turned out the light. After they had left the room, the boy turned in his bed and looked over at the big cupboard in the corner of the room.

There, peeping through the doorway of the cupboard was the lonely little scary waving hello. But the boy child didn’t think he was friendly at all.

‘Ahhhh!’ he screamed out, ‘Mummy, Daddy, it’s a big scary monster!’

And as soon as the light switched on, the lonely little scary disappeared back into the cupboard and sadly sat down.

‘Oh well’, he sighed, ‘I’ll try again.’

So on to the house next door, where the lonely little scary found himself under the bed of a little girl. ‘I hope it works this time,’ he whispered to himself.

As he came out from under the bed, after the light had been switched off, he whispered loudly, ‘Hey wake up little girl! Wake up! I want to play!’

The little girl woke up with such a fright, took one look at the little scary under her bed and screamed, ‘Ahhh! It’s that yucky green goo-goo again Mummy!!’

The lonely little scary sadly left the room before the girl’s mummy came, and he drifted outside.

He kept trying more bedrooms, and more children, but the same thing kept happening. All the children saw him as some kind of scary creature that might eat them, or bite them…so he gave up.

He sat in the branches of a nearby tree…and started to cry.

‘Oh dear what can I do?’ he sobbed, ‘every night I try to make a friend, but everyone’s scared of me’.

Just then, the lonely little scary remembered who could help.

He flew up high, through the tops of the trees in the moonlit sky, far from the houses and into the dark clouds of the night. There, sitting on his favourite cloud was his mother. ‘What’s wrong my little one,’ she asked, ‘still no luck finding a friend?’

Even though she was also a scary herself, she always talked nicely to him.

‘No,’ he replied with a heavy sigh, and plonked himself on a cloud beside her. As he put his head into her lap she stroked it gently.

‘What can I do mum? No-one wants to play. They all think I’m scary, and I don’t even get a chance to talk to them.’

He suddenly got an idea and sprang off the cloud.

‘I know!!’ he said, ‘what if I stayed anyway? Even if they don’t want me there, maybe they’ll get use to me!’

‘Now sweetheart,’ she replied gently, ‘you know the Scary’s Rule.’

He did.

‘I know, I know…you’re not allowed to stay, if they want you away.’

‘That’s right,’ his mother said as he lay down in her lap again.

‘Well can’t I look like something else?’ he began. ‘Something nicer like a fairy or an elf! That way children won’t be afraid of me.’

‘Darling, you’re a scary, that’s who you are,’ she said softly, ‘besides, the children in their bedrooms at night, always see you the way they want to see you,’ she explained, ‘so it wouldn’t matter even if you could change the way you appear to them.’

The Lonely Little Scary sighed, knowing she was telling the truth.

‘I know it’s hard,’ she went on, ‘but one day, some little child will understand that you just want to talk, and play.’

‘And do funny faces?!’ he asked eagerly.

‘Of course, that’s what you do best! Now off you go and try again.’

So the Lonely Little Scary was soon floating by a few more houses, but he really didn’t feel like going into any of them.

As he kept on floating along, suddenly something startled him.

There in the window of a little wooden cottage surrounded by trees, was the face of a little boy smiling. The Lonely Little Scary looked around and wondered what, or who, he was smiling at. When he saw the little boy waving at him and realised, ‘he means me!’, he was so happy he zoomed right into the boy’s bedroom.

‘Hi, what’s your name?’ he asked the little boy.

‘Brayden,’ the boy replied, ‘what’s yours?’

The Lonely Little scary thought for a moment, ‘I don’t know’ he replied, ‘children just call me whatever they like; sometimes it’s big hairy giraffe, or ugly googoo, or even red dummy head, stuff like that.’

‘Well I’ll call you…’ the little boy thought for a moment, ‘nice blue pixie!’

The lonely Little Scary smiled, ’I like that!’

So for a little while they talked, they laughed, and played a game of funny faces until the little boy fell asleep. The Lonely Little Scary wished him pleasant dreams and drifted out of the window.

For the rest of the night, the Lonely Little Scary, or Nice Blue Pixie, didn’t feel lonely at all.

In the darkest night of all the nights

High in the gloomy clouds above

That little Scary was lonely no more

For now he’d found a new friend’s love…