The Treehouse Trio – Bracelet

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Was a cubby, amongst the branches strong

A ladder ran up the trunk of the tree

Where three such children could climb their way in.

They were Jamie, Sally and little Ben

And this is a tale from the Tree House Trio

…The New Bracelet…

Sally sat on the floor of the tree house, with a big frown.

‘What’s up Sal?’ Jamie asked as he climbed through the hole in the tree house where the ladder ended.

‘Nothing!’ she snapped and went on huffing.

Jamie looked over at Ben standing in the corner, who just shrugged and went back to his chalk drawing on the little blackboard. Jamie turned to Sally again. ‘But you look so angry and I thought…’ he started to explain but she quickly interrupted him.

‘If you really want to know, I’ve lost my favourite bracelet!’ she explained, ‘you know, the one with the coloured crystals around it.’

Jamie nodded, ‘I know. C’mon Ben let’s see if we can cheer her up.’

‘Okay.’ Ben replied as they quickly climbed down the ladder.

Sally just rolled her eyes thinking they were just wasting their time.

A few minutes later, the boys returned with a bunch of flowers. Actually they were just a handful of soursobs, but Ben thought they were pretty yellow flowers that surely would cheer up his big sister.

‘Do you like the flowers Sally?’ Ben asked as he proudly handed them to her.

Sally took the sour sobs and looked at them. Suddenly she let out an ear-piercing scream. ‘Ahhhhh!’ she threw them in the corner and Ben and Jamie just looked at her in surprise.

‘What’s wrong?’ Jamie asked in concern.

‘There was an ant on them and it nearly touched my finger!’ she wailed and turned her back on them, continuing to pout. Ben and Jamie sighed and went back down the ladder.

Moments later they returned with a handful of white daisies. They tried again.

Sally looked at them, carefully checking for ants, when suddenly her face screwed up even tighter than it was before. ‘Blah!’ she said sticking her tongue out, ‘they’re such a boring colour!’ so she tossed them on top of the sour sobs, and continued pouting.

Ben and Jaime looked at each other again and sighed. They went down the ladder to try one more time.

They returned a few minutes later with a handful of pink daisies. Jamie nervously handed them to her while Ben kept his fingers crossed; wishing that these would work and Sally would be her happy self again.

Sally checked for ants, all clear. She checked the colour, yep she liked pink. But as she took a sniff she let out the biggest, ‘Ahhhchooo!’ Ben and Jamie leapt back in fright.

‘Oh no!’ she cried, ‘they make me sneeze!’ so she tossed them in the corner with the other flowers and turned her back again. Jamie and Ben looked at each other and shrugged.

‘Oh well,’ Jamie said, ‘we tried.’

‘Yep we tried.’ Ben copied, as they went down the ladder again.

Lots of minutes had passed and Sally had started to calm down. She decided to stop pouting, and went to the window to see what the boys were doing. She looked down from the tree house and saw both boys sitting against the trunk of the tree, looking sad as they picked pieces of grass, trying to tie them into knots.

Sally soon realised that her grumpy mood had turned her brothers into a sad mood. She looked in the corner at the pile of flowers they’d given her and smiled with an idea.

A short time later, the boys were still on the ground when they heard Sally from above.

‘Hey guys, come up here!’ she called.

Ben and Jamie, realising that Sally sounded much happier again, quickly climbed the ladder to see what she wanted.

Sally sat in the middle of the floor again. ‘Now sit down, close your eyes, and hold out your hand.’ she instructed. Ben went first. He was nervous and when Sally put something around his wrist he started to giggle.

‘Hey that tickles!’ he said, giggling some more.

‘Don’t open yet.’ Sally said as she did the same to Jamie.

‘You’re right Ben that does tickle.’ Jamie chuckled.

‘Okay,’ she said with a smile, ‘open your eyes!’

Around the boy’s wrist was a colourful bracelet. They noticed that Sally had taken the gifts they collected, by tying a sour sob to a white daisy, tying the white daisy to a pink daisy, and tying the pink daisy to another sour sob, creating flower bracelets for everyone.

‘These are great!’ Jamie said looking at the work she’d done, ‘and I really like the knots you tied.’

‘Can I have another one?’ Ben asked excitedly.

‘Sure!’ Sally replied, ‘but we’ll need more flowers.’

‘Then let’s go!’ Jamie said jumping up. So they all climbed down the ladder in search of more flowers, and spent the whole afternoon making nature’s bracelets.

And that’s where we leave our little friends

The Tree House Trio with adventures so bold

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Another tale awaits to be told…