The Treehouse Trio – Cracker

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Was a cubby, amongst the branches strong

A ladder ran up the trunk of the tree

Where three such children could climb their way in.

They were Jamie, Sally and little Ben

And this is a tale from the Tree House Trio

…The Last Cracker…

Jamie, Sally and Ben sat on the floor in the middle of the tree house, around an empty plate. Jamie being the oldest held a box of crackers; everyone’s favourites. They’d been eating them for a snack, but now the box was nearly empty.

Jamie reached his hand into the box and pulled out four remaining crackers, placing them onto the plate; everyone looked on with concern.

‘Mmm,’ Jamie spoke up, ‘I’m sure there were six left, giving us two each.’

‘So what do we do now?’ Sally asked with a frown.

‘I’m hungry!’ Ben wailed, and being the youngest that’s all he could think about.

‘Let me see,’ Jamie said scratching his head in thought, ‘well we know we can all have one each.’

‘But who’s going to get the last one?’ Sally questioned who was always making sure everything was fair.

‘Let’s just eat one each now and think about it.’ Jamie declared.

So he passed the plate to Sally, who took a cracker. She passed it to Ben, who took a cracker, and he passed it back to Jamie who took a cracker. Jamie put the plate back in the middle of the floor and they began to crunch.

As they slowly ate their cracker, they all gazed at that last cracker, trying hard to think of a way to solve this problem.

Suddenly Sally spoke up. ‘I’ve got it!’ she said excitedly, ‘let’s share it and have a piece each.’

‘Good idea.’ Jamie replied. Ben smiled then Jamie added, ‘but how can we be fair? If we try to break it with our hands, it won’t make three even pieces.’

‘We could cut it,’ Sally suggested, but then quickly realising something, ‘oh I forgot, we’re not allowed to use knives.’

‘Mmm you’re right.’ Jamie responded, scratching his head again.

‘I know!’ Ben piped up, ‘we could pass the cracker around and everyone takes a bite of it.’

‘Oooh!’ Jamie and Sally cringed then Sally added, ‘it would get soggy!’

Ben sighed, and they all sat quietly, sadly taking their last bite from the cracker in their hand. Ben desperately licked the crumbs from his fingers when he suddenly spotted something in the window.

‘Tweet, tweet!’ A little sparrow had perched itself on the window edge of the tree house and was peering in. They all looked at it as soon as they heard it tweeting.

Jamie then turned and looked at Sally, Sally looked at Ben, and Ben looked back at Jamie with a big smile.

Jamie took the last cracker from the plate in the middle of the floor and crushed it up in his hand. He passed the crumbs to Sally. She kept a few and passed the rest to Ben. He kept a few and passed the rest to Jamie.

They all got up and walked over to the window. The sparrow flew away but only to the ground below where his family of sparrows stood, pecking at the grass for food.

Jamie, Sally and little Ben, happily tossed the crumbs from the last remaining cracker, and the family of sparrows gladly ate them all up.

And that’s where we leave our little friends

The Tree House Trio with adventures so bold

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Another tale awaits to be told…