The Treehouse Trio – Sleepout

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Was a cubby, amongst the branches strong

A ladder ran up the trunk of the tree

Where three such children could climb their way in.

They were Jamie, Sally and little Ben

And this is a tale from the Tree House Trio

…Ben’s Scary Sleepout…

Jamie, Sally and Ben were so excited this special day, because their parents had agreed to let them sleep out in the tree house for the first time on their own!

It was getting dark and dad had just helped to carry their sleeping bags, some roll out mattresses, and pillows.

The first part of the night was fun. They played chasey games with torches, played cards and drew pictures. But when it was time to sleep, Ben spoke up.

‘I’m scared!’ he said shakily as he hid under his covers.

‘You’ll be right,’ Jamie reassured him, ‘we’ll be here with you.’

‘But I’m still scared.’ Ben mumbled, not daring to come out, ‘the scaries will come through the window!’

‘Well don’t you worry Benny boy!’ Sally declared, ‘we’ll stop the scaries tonight.’

‘Good idea Sal.’ Jamie said, and they both huddled close to come up with a plan.

A few minutes later as Ben still lay there, trembling in fear, Sally and Jamie tapped him on the sleeping bag.

‘Hey Ben.’ Jamie whispered, ‘have a look at this.’

Ben popped his head out, just far enough so he could see what they were holding. Sally held up a piece of paper with words written on it, that Jamie read out aloud, ‘No scaries allowed here!’ he explained, ‘and if we put this sign on the window, they can’t come in.’

Ben thought for a moment, nodded in agreement, then quickly ducked back under his covers as Jamie and Sally stuck the sign on the outside of the tree house window.

They all tried to go to sleep again, when Ben shouted out. ‘What if they can’t read? We need something else!’

Jamie then came up with another way to help. He climbed out of his sleeping bag, went to the big wooden costume box in the corner, and pulled out a big rainbow coloured veil.

‘This’ll do the job,’ he said confidently as he hung the veil across the window, ‘they can’t come in now, I’ve blocked it off.’

Jamie climbed back into his sleeping bag and Ben peeped out to look at the veil. He smiled and tried again to sleep…but he couldn’t.

‘We need more!’ he blurted, ‘they might be strong scaries and push past the veil!’

‘I know.’ Sally said as she leapt out of her sleeping bag, dragged the little blackboard over and stood it in front of the veil. She then used some chalk to draw something on it.

‘Now if the scaries can’t read, and push past the veil, they’ll definitely fly away when they see this.’ Sally turned the blackboard around to show Ben the scary face she drew. Ben took one look and hid under the covers again.

‘That’s scary too!’ he wailed.

‘I know,’ Sally replied, ‘it will scare the pants off any scaries if they dare to come in here!’

Jamie chuckled as Sally pushed the blackboard back against the window.

‘Alright…if you say so.’ Ben said, and they all tried again to go to sleep.

A few minutes later…‘b…b…but I’m still scared!’

Jamie and Sally got up, ‘c’mon let’s try and work this out.’ Sally said, ‘why are you so scared of the scaries?’

Jamie added, ‘you know they’re just like spiders and mice, they’re probably more scared of you!’

‘Really?’ Ben replied.

‘Sure.’ Sally said, ‘In fact mum read me a story once about a lonely little scary.

Ben started to come a little further out of his sleeping bag, because he liked to know new stories.

‘Of course!’ Jamie added, ‘I read that book too. It’s about a little scary who only came into children’s bedrooms because he was looking for a friend to play with.’

Ben sat up straight, eager to know more. ‘What happened next?’ he asked.

‘Well,’ Sally began, ‘the little scary had no-one to talk to or play with, and would fly into children’s rooms every night; sometimes in the cupboard, sometimes under the bed, but as soon as a child would get scared, it made the little scary sad, so he had to fly away to a different room.’

‘Because if a child doesn’t want him there, he’s not allowed to stay,’ Jamie explained, ‘that’s the scarie’s rule.’

Ben’s eyes were now wide open with excitement. ‘Can we read the story now please? Can we can we?!’ Ben asked eagerly.

‘Sure.’ Jamie replied, ‘I’ll go back to the house and ask mum and dad.’

As Jamie climbed down the ladder, Ben turned to Sally. ‘Can you take that stuff away from the window Sal?’ he asked, ‘just in case a scary wants to come and play.’

‘Good idea.’ Sally replied. She dragged the blackboard back to the corner, took down the veil, folded it up and put it back in the box.

‘Don’t forget the sign!’ Ben added.

‘You got it.’ Sally said with a smile and took away the sign.

Jamie was soon back with the storybook, and as he read it to Ben and Sally, Ben kept looking out the window, now hoping that he would be visited by a scary, so he’ll have another someone to play with.

And that’s where we leave our little friends

The Tree House Trio with adventures so bold

In the biggest tree at the back of the yard

Another tale awaits to be told…