Scriptwriting Workshops

WORKSHOP 1: Brain to Page

Taking your great ideas and moulding them into a movie format.

Understanding structure, story, themes and character development.

A general look into the art of storytelling.

Participants will have the tools to go away and begin to find the story they want to tell in the format required for a screenplay.

WORKSHOP 2: Outline Your Story

A more in depth look into taking your ideas and the different outlines required before writing the first draft.

We look at loglines, synopsis, treatments, beat sheets and story arcs for your characters.

Participants will have the tools to then flush out in more detail their story into a fully developed outline, ready for the first draft.

WORKSHOP 3: Draft # 1

Taking the developed outline and starting to write the scenes.

Understanding layout, writing succinct action and snappy dialogue.

Hitting the beats within a scene, timing and getting to the end!

Participants will have the tools to tackle the challenge of writing their first draft screenplay.