Albert Jamae - Writer/Speaker/Producer/Coach

Having spent most of his life in the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, Alby has emerged from an entertainment background exceeding 40 years. From a variety performer for stage, screen and radio to producing more than 100 theatrical productions, touring shows, documentaries, short films, festivals and events…blah blah blah…enough of the third person talk! Here’s the real Alby…


Death by Doormat

A Mini Guide for People Pleasers (Ebook & Audio book)

Pleasing others above ourselves is something many of us can relate to, and being a performer since the age of eight, it’s been my survival tool…until now.


I Love You Mum, but...

Letters to Let Go

How can you have the most amazing woman for a mother who’s caring, nurturing, supportive and constantly praising your accolades, yet on the day she dies, you feel this guilty sense of relief? This is a true account of what I felt that day. What I felt for the 48 years leading up to that moment, and how everything inside of me since then began to unravel.


Plays, Monologues, Audition Scripts and more.

A great collection of plays, monologues and audition pieces for adults, teens & kids.