In Order to Survive: The Power of Men Supporting Men

We men make choices, good or bad, based on our primal instinct…to survive. And without the support of other men, those decisions can lead us down paths we didn’t want to travel. We behave in ways, aggressive or subservient, to avoid the pain of rejection…in order to survive. We wear masks of duty and obligation, seeking any scrap of approval…in order to survive. We lie to ourselves for

Unpacking the Fear of Public Speaking

They say the biggest fear aside from death is public speaking. For some it may even be number one! They would rather fold themselves into a cardboard coffin and incinerate on the spot instead of risking the chance of abject humiliation in a room full of people. Many have great tools to help alleviate some of the stress around it. Breathing techniques, cue cards, eye contact, connecting with your

Share your Mum story

Well this is an invitation to share your story. Maybe you've written your own letters or would like to contribute to this thread. Either way I'd love to hear from people who have their own thoughts about how their mums have influenced their lives - good or bad. More importantly, how your mum has shaped who you are today. I'm a glass half full kinda guy so although I'm always willing to shine the l