More About Alby...

Well if you’ve landed on this page I can only imagine you’ve either got too much time on your hands or you’re simply a curious soul wanting to find out more about what makes me tick then knock yourself out!

When I passed the half century milestone I found myself bursting at the seams to reconnect with my twelve-year-old self – a time when anything in life seemed possible, but at the same time scary. Supporting this time when I was filled with wonder, curiosity and trepidation, were the stories I consumed around me. Stories that were born from pure imagination. This was a wonderful time in the 80’s when I was blessed to experience creations like E.T., Ghostbusters, The Never Ending Story, Star Wars, Goonies, Short Circuit, Gremlins, and my all-time favourite trilogy Back to the Future.

Watching these, along with reading similar genre books, I would find myself being inspired, motivated, moved and ultimately entertained. I loved that impressionable age because it was what formed my views on life. It was when I started to dare on adventures, question the world, learn about human behaviour and test out my own levels of courage – and for the record these parts of me are still evolving. Above all it fueled my insatiable quench for expressing imagination and optimism. These stories were and continue to be the building blocks of who I am today. Even in my fifties, they have given me the strength to continue to test my courage, and still dare to wonder if anything truly is possible. So the idea of putting myself out there as an author, putting my words and expression on paper for all to see is a scary ride for sure.

When it comes to fiction I enjoy exploring age old themes of family dynamics, courage against odds, betrayal of friends and alliances with enemies. Anything that sparks action, adventure, fears and tears, intrigue and I guarantee there will always be a thread of humour. I really can’t help myself trying to make people laugh, even if it’s the just a lame dad joke…a laugh’s a laugh…I’ll take it!

For non-fiction titles I find myself with years of observations in people around me that beckon to be talked about. Ways we can find strength in adversity, improve our dealings with each other and evolve as better humans.

Alright I better get back to the keyboard because I got a few plates to spin as always and I can see one wobbling right now.