A collection of short and full-length comedy plays to perform for any theatre or acting groups. Each play has been staged multiple times and can cater for a variety of cast sizes.

WARNING: Some content contains coarse language and/or adult themes.

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Mysterious Murder in Musical Macbeth (TWO ACTS)

Fast-paced comedy about dysfunctional director Jéan, who is at the end of his tether, trying to stage his latest masterpiece. However, opening night nerves pale in comparison to flamboyant egos, the hovering Mafia, and a serial killer lurking in the wings…so it goes without saying…you really shouldn’t name that Scottish play! A classic and camp who dunnit, not for the feint-hearted.

Petty Crimes (ONE ACT)

A quick paced dialogue-driven comedy about Amber and Troy – two professional burglars struggle with petty domestic disputes during a home invasion. Someone trips the alarm. The cops have them surrounded. Will they sort out their differences before it’s too late?

Phyllis Green Leaf - The Almond Blossom Prophecy. (TWO ACTS)

A Monty Python-esque comedy based on Greek Mythology of how the Almond Blossom Tree originated, Phyllis Green Leaf tells the story of travelling Attican soldier Demaphon who falls in love with Thracian princess Phyllis. Their plans to marry are thwarted when his sick Grandmother Aethra demands to return home. Demaphon promises to return soon but it takes many months. Broken hearted, Phyllis takes her own life until the Goddess Athena turns her into an Almond Tree, but without blossom. Demaphon finally returns, and seeing the fate of his beloved, declares his commitment to stay by her side. But evil looms, determined to take over the kingdom and Demaphon must fight to save his family.

Red Wire Blue Wire (ONE ACT)

A comedy play where one victim is strapped to a bomb with only minutes on the clock. Their bomb defusing officer arrives and is a little rattled at who the victim is. Should they cut the red or the blue? Who’s gonna survive? Who’s gonna give in first?!