A collection of fun short plays for kids to perform in any theatre or acting group. Each play has been staged multiple times and can cater for a variety of cast sizes.

Download SAMPLE SCRIPTS for more info on each play.

The Dragon's Egg

Synopsis: Edwin is the woodcutter’s son, who wishes his life was more interesting. Chopping wood all day for the kingdom is a chore and a bore. Until one day after rescuing an old traveller from a runaway cart, Edwin is rewarded with the directions on how to find the Dragon’s Egg; a legend that Kings, Queens and villagers only believed was a rumour. The Dragon’s Egg would supposedly grant three wishes for those who found it; but only if they can conquer witches, trolls, and of course the Dragon!

DURATION: 50 min

CAST SIZE: 12-20+

The Happy Witch

Synopsis: Mindy is a happy witch caught up in a nasty world. She tries to be bad just can’t help but be nice. Although this means she may end up alone in her mean world, she finds a way to be a happy witch.

DURATION: 10 min


Ricky the Robot and his Time Machine

Synopsis: Ricky is from the future where humans don’t exist. He has read books about humans and wishes to be one. His parents send him in his time machine to find out more.

DURATION: 15 mins

CAST SIZE: 10-15

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (The Untold Story)

Synopsis: Ever wondered what really happened to the Old Woman in the Shoe? We are often told the story through the nursery rhyme about how she had so many kids, questionable living conditions and who was basically a miserable old bat! But how did she get there? What happened to the father of the children? Whose shoe was it and how does the story find a happy ending? All will be revealed in this untold tale.

DURATION: 25-30 min

CAST SIZE: 10-18